some new easter content

♥ | Posted: March 18th | ♥
Hey guys welcome to my new domain! Thanks you to my new host Ciara at lovev0ltage for hosting my domain. I have started adding some new Easter content for you guys. So keep checking out the page for more and more updates. Hope you guys enjoy! Make sure you tag/credit me if you use any of my content. All the content on my site was either made or purchased by me unless stated otherwise. If you have not updated my affy link, please do so at your earliest convenience.

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whats good my loves?!

♥ | Posted: March 15th | ♥
As you guys can tell I have been doing soooooo many updates on my content. I am going to try and do some stuff everyday if I can. If not at least weekly updates. I want to thank everyone who has become by affiliates so far. I am truly lucky to know a lot of talented people who love doing what I do and enjoy making content for other sites. I remember looking at sites for years & wishing I could be just as half as talented as them. And now here I am finally doing what I love and I feel so blessed. I also wanted to say if you guys would like me to make anything specific for this site, let me know in the cbox. I am also looking for some elite affies! Don't be afraid to ask me in the cbox! If you are not seeing a lot of content per item that I offer, that is because it takes a really long time to package things together and make them. I am trying to do as much as I can per day but if you want more, I suggest checking out my affies and seeing if they have more of what you want. I also plan on doing (maybe this week) some tutorials for photoshop??? idk???? Don't hold your breath. I learned a lot of what I do and use through Kayla at Candylace. Her site is a magical unicorn of hope for creators like me who don't know a lot. So thanks to her for being a ray of sunshine. But that's all for now my loves! xoxo